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boiler servicing in ripley alfreton belper

Annual Boiler Servicing – Why It’s A Must

As boiler servicing experts in Ripley, Belper and Alfreton, we know just how important it is to service your boiler regularly. But why is that? ...
cold showers plumbers ripley belper alfreton

Cold Showers Are Good For You!!

Did you know that a cold shower has hidden perks and health giving benefits? Well, they do. The thought of a cold shower may sound ...
caring for dishwasher plumber Ripley

Caring For Your Dishwasher To Make It Last Longer & Work More Efficiently

If you've got a dishwasher then you'll probably never want to go back to washing dishes by hand. And why would you? Not only does ...
bathrooms ripley belper alfreton water conservation

10 Bathroom Water Conservation Tips

Not only does saving water in your bathroom save you money, but it also helps the environment. If you want to start reducing the amount ...

Things That Go Bump In The Night (Or Day)! – Strange Noises In Your Plumbing Explained

Inevitably, every plumbing system has a problem at some point, from a leaky tap to a boiler breakdown. But what happens if your system starts ...
bathroom fitters ripley belper alfreton derbyshire case study-2

Bathroom Fitters Ripley, Belper & Alfreton – Case Study

Case Study of A Recent Bathroom Installation As professional bathroom fitters covering Ripley, Belper, Alfreton, we love a good bathroom! One of our favourite things ...

Choosing the Right Bathroom Fitters in Ripley, Belper & Alfreton

So you've decided you'd like to change your bathroom. You're bored of the same old suite and would like some more up to date tiles, ...

Things Plumbers Find Blocking Your Toilet!

As a leading plumber in Ripley, Belper & Alfreton, Derbyshire, we're often called out to a blocked toilet, so we thought we'd put together a ...
plumber in ripley alfreton belper tips

Plumber in Ripley, Belper & Alfreton’s Top 10 Plumbing Hints & Tips

Leeva plumbing is a long established plumber in Ripley, Belper and Alfreton. Established 25 years ago, we are always here to help and want you ...
boiler installer repair servicing alfreton belper ripley

The Most Common Boiler Problems

As a boiler installer in Ripley, Belper and Alfreton, we know our boilers inside and out.  We offer boiler installation and boiler servicing across Derbyshire, ...
carbon monoxide detector plumbers ripley belper alfreton

Are You Carbon Monoxide Safe?

Since we're all confined to our homes at the moment and the weather is still cold enough for us to have our heating and gas ...

Derbyshire Plumber’s Top Tips & Tricks Part 2

If you need to use a spanner on items like taps, first over the item with an old cloth. This will prevent scratches being caused ...

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