5 Top Tips To Keep Your Central Heating System Healthy

5 Top Tips To Keep Your Central Heating System Healthy

5 Top Tips To Keep Your Central Heating System HealthyThere are numerous reasons to keep your central heating system healthy and running efficiently. Firstly, your boiler and heating system will last much longer, secondly it will require less maintenance and thirdly, you'll save money on your heating bills.

As a top boiler installer and central heating engineer covering Ripley, Belper & Alfreton, we've put together a useful list of our 5 top tips to keep your heating system healthy.

1. Regular Flushing of Your Central Heating System

Flushing your central heating system is a fantastic health boost for the system.  The process flushes old and contaminated water through your heating system and out. During this process the inside of your pipes, radiators and boiler  are cleaned, removing any debris.  The clean system is then refilled with fresh water.  The benefits of having your system flushed include getting rid of noises or banging in pipework, reducing or eliminating cold spots in radiators, fewer boiler breakdowns related to grime and other contamination in your boiler and lower energy bills. To find out more about central heating system flushing click here.

2. Central Heating System Cleansing

Heating system inefficiency and boiler breakdowns can often be caused by the build up of a black sludge, known as magnetite.  Your pipes and boiler can become clogged with this, which reduces its efficiency and increases the risk of breakdowns.  You may also find that your radiators get more cold spots and this will make your boiler have to work harder to heat your house, ultimately wearing it out before its time.  Central heating system cleansing involves the use of a cleaning chemical that is circulated through the system to break down the sludge and debris that may have built up.

3. Use Of A Magnetic Heating System Filter

There's another very simple solution to the problem of heating system contamination and that's a magnetic boiler filter. A heating engineer can recommend a range of these and fit them easily. They contain a magnet that attracts the debris from the system and catches it, preventing it from depositing further along the system.  By catching this debris and keeping it out of your heating system, the system will work far more efficiently and will use less energy in doing so. The boiler will not have to work as hard, so will last longer and maintenance costs will be reduced.

4. Use Ongoing Protection

Unfortunately, having your central heating system flushed or using a cleanser isn't an absolute solution.  Sludge and debris will, unfortunately build up again after each time these are used. So, a step to minimise this is to use a chemical protector treatment, which protects against corrosion and limescale. This together with the solutions above will make your boiler as clean and efficient as possible.

5. Annual Boiler Servicing

There's no doubt about it, having your boiler serviced every year is a must.  Not only will it help your boiler stay efficient, but it will minimise the possibility of an expensive breakdown. Leeva Plumbing and Heating's Gas Safe engineers can service your boiler annually and remove any debris from your magnetic filter, meaning that you've done your best to keep your boiler and central heating system healthy. And, more importantly, make it last longer!

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