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Replacing Your Toilet – The Options and What to Look For

how to choose the right toiletSometimes toilets break, sometimes they get old, sometimes they just go out of fashion. Whatever the reason for your new toilet, there are lots of options available. Here are a few of them that, hopefully, will help you make your choice.

What Type of Flush?

Most people have a gravity fed flush, but there are other options that you may want to consider:

Dual Flush Toilets

These are becoming more and more popular and can be quite economical.  They have both gravity fed and pressure assisted systems, meaning you can use the gravity system for a shorter flush and the pressure system for a longer flush.

Touchless Flushes

You can install touchless flushes with either type of flushing system.   Touchless flushing is a cleaner way to flush and also easier.  Nowadays, many new toilets come with touchless flushing, but you can also modify most toilets with touchless flushes if they don't already come with them.  The system is one you've probably seen in commercial premises, where the user waves their hand over a sensor.  If you worry about germs or have someone in the family who struggles with a traditional flush handle, then touchless flushing is definitely for you.

Shape, Size & Style

There are loads of different shapes and styles of toilet out there. However, before you go for that unusual talking point, designer toilet, you really do need to consider two things: bowl height and bowl shape.

The bowl height of a standard toilet is 15 inches, but the options range from as little as 10 inches to as much as 20 inches.  If you have someone in the household with mobility issues, then a taller toilet may be better. If you have young children in your home, then a lower toilet would be more useful.

When it comes to bowl shape there are usually only two options; elongated and round.  The elongated ones are the ones you're probably used to. They have an oval opening and are considered the more comfortable option.  The round style is likely to be less comfortable to use, but they do take up less space, so if you have a smaller bathroom then this is probably the option for you.  You can, however, choose from a variety of length options on the elongated bowl, which would also assist if you're wanting to save space.

Environmental Impact

Older toilets can flush as much as 14 litres of water per flush, whereas newer toilets are nearer the 6 litre mark.  When choosing your toilet, always check what the flush uses. If it's nearer 6 litres then you've picked a more efficient and environmentally friendly toilet, that will also save you money on your water bill.

New Fangled High Tech Loos

If you want a conversation starter in your bathroom, then you could look into smart toilets.  These often have things like bidets, dryers, temperature control on the seats, auto flush, LED lights, music...the list goes on.  The only problem you might have here is that everyone will want to use your toilet!

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