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4 Easy Ways To Increase Water Pressure In Your Home

plumber in belper alfreton ripley water pressureLow water pressure can be a major problem. it can lead to weak showers, toilets not flushing correctly, and the inability to use multiple appliance at the same time.

If you have water pressure issues, it could be due to several reasons.

  • Closed water valves
  • Faulty pressure-reducing valves
  • Leaks
  • Council policy
  • Debris build ups

There are loads of ways to increase your water pressure in your house. Here are just a few to try and fix the problem, ranging for complex solutions  to the very simple.

1. Increasing Water Pressure Without a Pump

Low water pressure in your home can be a massive inconvenience in your day to day routines.  It can affect the way you wash clothes, shower, and clean dishes.

Some people with this issue immediately decide to buy and install a pressure booster pump.  While this can be useful, you should troubleshoot the issue before spending money on a pump.  It could be being a tiny problem with the shut off valves.

Have you just replaced your pipes or moved into a new home?

If this is the case find the water meter, locate the shut off valves, and ensure that they are fully open.

Even if the valves look open, the slightest closure can cause a huge change in water pressure.

If the valves are fully open you might have a bigger problem.

2. Increasing Pressure With a Water Pressure Booster Pump

Sometimes, a city or town suffers from low water pressure.  This indicates that the local authority is delivering the water supply to homes at a  pressure of less than 40 psi.  If this is the case then to help increase water pressure will require a water pressure pump.

A booster pump takes water that comes in and uses an electric pump and pressure tank to increase the psi. You can set your own pressure by using the dial on the equipment.

3. Improving Water Pressure Using the Pressure Reducing Valve

If your town or city water pressure is high and your valves are open, the next problem to check is your machinery. Check your water main for a pressure reducing valve.

If one of these valves is present it could be the reason for low water pressure.  If you think it has been longer than 10 years since the valve has been replaced or repaired, it might be worth having a look at replacing it.

This piece of equipment could be the reason for all your water pressure issues, so try doing the following:

  • Adjust the screw so that the psi is between 45 and 55 psi.
  • After adjusting the valve, check the water pressure in your shower head.
  • If the problem is still happening, call your local plumbing company to have a look.

4. Improving Water Pressure In Your Pipes

One major cause for low water pressure in your home is you may have a leak in your pipes.

There are a few checks you can do to see if you have leaks in your pipework:

  • Water spots, stains on your wall, flooring or ceiling
  • Gathering of water around or near your pipes
  • A jump in your water bill

The most common places leaks are found are on the following appliances:

  • Toilets
  • Taps or under sink pipes
  • Shower heads
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines

If after trying all these possible solutions to low water pressure you are still having problems, then call Leeva Plumbing and Heating on 01773 749 713 and we'll come and investigate.

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