4 Ways to Unblock Your Drain

plumber in belper alfreton ripley unblock drainOne of the biggest common problems we get call out for is a blocked drain. It is a nightmare situation for homeowners and can be a messy problem to solve.

It can be easy to sort if you know how, below we have outlined 4 ways to just do that.

1. Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is a cheap and safe option to try first. Pour a cup of baking soda down your drain then add 2 cups of boiling water to help wash it down the drain and let sit for 20 mins.

Next add another cup of baking soda with the same amount of vinegar down your drain.

Place the plug in the drain to stop the baking soda from fizzing out, you will start to hear some noises has the solution is working its way down the pipe (this is a good thing).

Leave for another 20 mins then use boiling water to wash away the mixture and the blockage.

2. Use A Plunger

If the above does not work, then the blockage is going to be a bit worse.  The next option is to grab a that plunger from under the sink. N.B. Make sure you have the right type of plunger for the job at hand.

Start by applying a little Vaseline to the plunger edges to make a good seal, place the plunger over the sink hole make a good seal and being to push down and up for 5 minutes never breaking that seal over the sink hole.

After 5 minutes run some water to see if the blockage has been displaced.

3. Use A Wire Coat Hanger

Finding a wire coat hanger around now a days can be a problem in its own right, but our tip is to find one and keep it next to your plunger under the sink for just this occasion.

Straighten the hanger and make a small hook in one end just big enough to place it down the sink drain.

Place the hanger down your sink drain until you feel the blockage and then twist until you grab a large enough amount of the blockage and then pull, keep going until you have enough out and then pour boiling water down the drain repeat the process until you have sorted the problem.

4. Use A Vacuum Cleaner

This is more aggressive solution to clearing any blockage and please be careful that you don't damage your vacuum whilst doing this.

Make sure the sink has not been used for a least 1 hour to make sure it is dry, place the vacuum pipe over the sink hole make a good seal and turn your hoover to the most powerful setting (if you can) and turn it on, this should be enough to clear any blockage.

These are 4 ways you can try to sort any blockage out, but if you still continue to have a problem please contact our team to come out and sort it for you.

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