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5 Reasons You Might Need To Have A New Boiler Installation

boiler installers belper alfreton ripley new boilerAt least once in your lifetime you are going to have to replace your boiler and install a new.

Keeping boiler installation costs to a minimum are a high priority for most and we can help.

In our article this week, we look at everything you will need to know about boiler installation, from how to find the most suitable boiler for your home to what happens on boiler installation day.

Is it time for a new boiler installation?

 Your boiler may well be running into trouble, some issues can be repaired, but others signal that it may be time to have a new boiler installed.

1. Your boiler was installed over 10 years ago

Over time your boiler will reduce its level of reliability and efficiency, which is why they will need to be replaced. Installing a new boiler will depend on its condition, but a great indication to consider having a new boiler installed is around 10 years after you had your original installed.

2. Energy bills are going through the roof

If you are noticing that your energy bills are going up and up then your boiler might be the reason why, but make sure your energy supplier hasn’t increased your tariff first.

As boilers age they will start to lose their efficiency, meaning they have to use more fuel to meet the same demands for your heating and hot water. A new boiler will have a higher level of efficiency, which could help your energy bills.

3. You’re hearing noise levels increasing

If you are hearing any new kind of noises coming from your boiler these can be signs of a fault or a blockage in the system stopping the water from circulating properly.

You might just need to powerflush your system to resolve this issue. Powerflushing should always be carried out by a fully qualified heating engineer. If this doesn’t work then it might be time to get that new boiler installed.

4. You’re noticing some unusual smells

 While carbon monoxide is an odourless gas, a scent has been added to natural gas so that you can detect a leak.

If you start to smell gas, then leave the property immediately opening windows as you leave (but only if safe to do so) and contact the Gas Emergency Services ASAP

(0800 111 999). Should you start smelling something burning or metallic then they are signs of a boiler problem, and you might need to get a new boiler installed.

5. You are spending too much on getting it repaired on a regular basis

 Having your boiler repaired on a regular basis to replace parts can become expensive and an inconvenience. While having a new boiler installed can be a costly expense it will be much more reliable and cost effective in the long run.

Installation Day

 On the day of having your boiler installed it would be great if you would clear the area around your boiler and make it easy to access so the engineer can start ASAP, if your boiler is situated in your loft make sure it can be easily accessed via the stairs it has a safe walkway and is well lit.

Installing your new boiler will depend on what you are replacing it with, it can be quite complexed and take a few days to install. This is due to new pipework that may need to be fitted with tanks and cylinders needing to be installed or taken away.

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