8 Most Common Plumbing Repairs That We Get Called Out To

plumbing repairs ripley belper alrefton derbyshireWe’ve been plumbers in Ripley, Alfreton & Belper for over 20 years, serving the good people of Derbyshire and helping with all sorts of plumbing repairs. However, there are a few plumbing repairs that we are constantly being called out to, but, with a keen eye, you can prevent or fix yourself. If we get a call about any of these plumbing repairs, our first concern is to get you up and running as quickly as possible, so we will try and talk you through fixing the problem, if its possible. If not, we’ll be there with you as quickly as possible to repair whatever the problem is and get your system back to normal working order.

Plumbing Repair Number 1: Overflowing Gutters

Given the weather we’ve had recently, we thought we’d mention these first. Whilst not necessarily a plumbing repair, keeping your gutters in check is a must. If the weather gets cold, then the water in a gutter can freeze and that can cause the gutter to become detached from your house, which in turn can damage your roof.

You should always keep your gutters clear of debris. It’s difficult to see what’s going on up there, so getting them professionally cleaned on a regular basis is a good idea. Ask you window cleaner if they can clear your gutters for you. You may also want to install wire cages over the gutters to keep out twigs and leaves, which can block your gutters and make them overflow.

Plumbing Repair Number 2:  Dripping Taps

Not only are dripping taps annoying, but they can waste a massive amount of water and thus cost you on your water bill. Additionally, constant dripping can cause staining on your sink as well as rust in your pipes, which can lead to further problems and leaks down the line. Also, if leaks drip onto wood, then wood will begin to rot, causing all types of problems, including mold and structural damage. This all sounds quite sever, but the fact is that fixing a dripping tap could be as simple as changing an O-ring, so if it can be sorted, it should.

Plumbing Repair Number 3: Clogged Toilets

No-one likes a blocked toilet, but it inevitably happens. When a toilet gets blocked they smell, overflow and are generally unpleasant. Fortunately, a blocked toilet is usually not a sign of something more serious. It’s usually a one-off occurrence that can be easily fixed with a spot of plunging – again, not too pleasant.

If you find that water or sewerage is backing up in more than one place within your house though, you should call a plumber immediately as something is definitely wrong with the system and the blockage could, in fact, be anywhere! A plumber will have powerful tools available to clear the blockage.

Note: be careful what you flush down your toilet as the number one cause of blockages is things that shouldn’t be down there, such as wipes, dental floss, cotton buds and even food. Only flush toilet paper and nothing else!

Plumbing Repair Number 4: Running or Constantly Dripping Toilets

Again, this could cost you hugely on your water bill as the amount of water wasted from a toilet that won’t stop running is higher than that of a leaking tap.

Sometimes a quick jiggle of the handle will prevent the toilet from running, but most of the time the problem is a worn out stopper or valve. If this is the case then buy a whole new unit for the inside working of the toilet, rather than buying just one part. Chances are it will be more than one part of the system that is worn and you’ll be back to B&Q several times trying to get the right one. It’s easier, and cheaper to just buy the whole thing.

If you don’t fancy doing the repair yourself, then a plumber will have you back to normal in no time.

Plumbing Repair Number 5: Slow Drains

This is one of the most common calls we get – drains not draining or draining slowly. This is a very similar problem to blocked toilets. All sorts of dirt, debris, hair, gunk, you name it, builds up inside your sink drains and clogs or slows the exit of the water. Blocked drains are often solved by using a drain cleaner – and there are some good ones around nowadays, available from hardware stores and supermarkets. A preventative measure for clogged drains is to keep a drain guard in the plug hole. This will catch any debris and then you can just empty it out into the bin.

Clogged drains can usually be dealt with, but sometimes you will have to call a professional because of where the blockage lies. The bendy pipes may be difficult for you or a drain cleaner to reach, but a plumber will have the tools to do this and investigate what and where the problem is.

Plumbing Repair Number 6: Leaking Pipes

As we mentioned earlier, leaking pipes can lead to rotting wood and structural damage, so they need to be seen to as quickly as possible. They also waste a massive amount of water. It’s quite possible that your pipes simply need replacing, or even the fixture such as the toilet or sink. Even the best quality fixtures and pipes won’t last forever. Or, it may be that a simple repair is required. Either way, call a plumber and let them take a look and get the problem fixed before it costs you a small fortune.

Plumbing Repair Number 7: Low Water Pressure

There are all sorts of causes for low water pressure. It could be that the water pressure in your home just isn’t great, or it could be there’s a problem somewhere, such as blocked pipes. It’s always worth checking your water valve to make sure it’s fully open and not part shut. Also, you may want to check if there a problem with individual items in your home rather than throughout the system.

Plumbing Repair Number 8: Boilers

Now we know this is a very wide subject, but it’s pretty much our main call out, especially at this time of the year when it’s cold and a boiler not working properly can leave you shivering.

If your boiler isn’t getting your house warm, is making a funny noise or just isn’t working then call a gas engineer immediately and they will get you back up to temperature. Make sure that whoever you have working on your heating system is Gas Safe Registered and you can check their Gas Safe Number. And remember, having your boiler serviced each year will keep it running efficiently and help to avoid any unwanted breakdowns and costs.

If you have a plumbing or heating problem in your home and you need a plumber to help repair it, then call us on (01773) 749 713 and we’ll either talk you though it if we can or arrange to come out to see you asap.

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