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Bathroom Fitters in Ripley, Belper & Alfreton, Derbyshire Look at the Top Six Considerations When Designing a Modern Bathroom

Designing a modern bathroom doesn’t have to be a chore, nor is it about all the obvious stuff, like the colour of the suite. As we will explain, there are other elements that you will need to think about to help you create the perfect bathroom environment.

Leeva Bathroom Design SpaceBathroom Space

Making sure you use all your available space, even if you have limited room. You want to make the most of the space available and this is where great design comes in.

Where will your fixtures go? Is there any leeway to move them? And, once fitted, can you move around them comfortably?

Also, you will have to consider storage and how much you will actually need. Just remember, less is more.  There are plenty of ways to help you maximise your storage space all while not taking up too much room, and you can add ‘creative’ ways to solve your storage problems.

Make sure your design considers all the storage opportunities available to you.

Leeva Bathroom Design SizeBathroom Size

The one thing that matters here is getting the right balance between the space and the design of your bathroom. Getting the balance between design and functionality is the key to creating a room that will see you for many years ahead. Whatever the size of your bathroom, getting the design right in the first place can mean the difference between a beautiful space and something cluttered that just doesn’t feel right for you.




Leeva Bathroom Design Light

Bathroom Lighting

Your bathroom lighting needs to be one of the first things on your bathroom design list and not an afterthought. 

Lighting is important in bathroom design and is one of the golden three things you should always pay attention to (lights, tiles, and mirrors). Get one of these wrong and you will not get the effect you are looking for in your bathroom.





Leeva Bathroom Design ColourBathroom Colour

Another key decision to think about in your bathroom is colour choice. Do you want bright and airy or dark and moody? One of the first thing to consider is the amount of natural light you have in your bathroom and how best to use it. With good design, you can make even the darkest of bathrooms into a design statement which you can be proud of.

What is key to bathroom colour design is the tiles. Bathroom tiles are so versatile and come in many different sizes and colours nowadays. Chosen wisely it is the tiles that can give your bathroom the WOW factor.

Bathroom Budget

You don’t need a massive budget to get the dream bathroom you want; the important thing is to make sure your budget works for you. Having the right budget is essential and making sure to spend it wisely AND get the effect you want. It’s no good spending everything up front on a suite, then wishing you had made the tiles your focal point. A properly set budget means you can have your cake and eat it, as long as you spend and save in the right places.

You will be very surprised at what an experienced bathroom designer can do even with a limited budget.

The Bathroom Designer

Researching and choosing a bathroom designer should really be at the top of this list. You need to feel confident that they are acting in your best interests and are offering design solutions to fit the space and size of your bathroom.

They are working to your timelines and within your budget, but you also need to a good relationship with your bathroom designer. Remember, your ideas may change when the work starts, so having that relationship is key.

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