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Annual Boiler Servicing – Why It’s A Must

boiler servicing in ripley alfreton belperAs boiler servicing experts in Ripley, Belper and Alfreton, we know just how important it is to service your boiler regularly. But why is that? Couldn't your boiler just carry on for years without a regular service? Well, it's possible, but there are several reasons why we would recommend not just leaving it to chance.

1. Keep You, Your Family and Your Boiler Safe

Boiler servicing is important to make sure your boiler is running efficiently, but its also an annual check to make sure it's running safely. A faulty boiler can be incredibly dangerous (around 4000 people in England and Wales go to hospital each year for non fire related carbon monoxide poisoning). When an engineer services your boiler, they will check for leaks and any other faults that could affect your health. Carbon monoxide poisoning is difficult to diagnose and can often be confused with other common illnesses, so it's vital you have your boiler serviced regularly to ensure you aren't unnecessarily put at risk.

2. Catch Potentially Larger Issues Early

When you have your boiler serviced annually, your gas engineer will spot problems before they become a problem and address them there and then, before they become worse AND more expensive to fix. You use your boiler all year round, not just for heating in the winter, so leaving it for over a year can certainly cause a problem to worsen, and you might only become aware of any problem when you start putting the heating back on.

3. Save Money On Your Energy Bills

We all know it costs money to service your boiler (probably not as much as you think though), but servicing your boiler can actually save you much more on your annual energy bills. When your boiler is serviced, one of the things we check is that everything is running efficiently, making it more cost effective to run. Obviously how much you save depends on the age, make and model of your boiler.

4. Save Money By Not Having To Replace Your Boiler

Servicing your boiler isn't overly expensive and it's definitely cheaper than having to replace your entire boiler. Regular maintenance on your boiler will ensure that it stays running properly and efficiently and thus will be less likely to break down. A regularly serviced boiler will last longer than a boiler that hasn't been serviced, so you won't have to buy a new boiler anywhere near as often.

5. Keep Your Boiler Under Warranty

It's normal for boiler guarantees/warranties to stipulate that, in order for the warranty to be valid, the boiler must be serviced annually; the same way you would on a car. In short, if you don't have your boiler serviced every 12 months, your warranty may be void. You would need to check this with your particular boiler manufacturer.

6. Stay Legal If You're A Landlord

If you rent a property or part of a property then you are required by law to have an annual gas safety check on all appliances, including servicing your boiler. You have a duty of care to your tenants and you must be able to produce and landlords gas safety certificate at any time if asked.

So there you have it; 6 good reasons to ensure you have your boiler serviced annually. If you're in need of a boiler service, we are currently offering them for £55 + VAT. Just download our boiler servicing voucher here and give us a call to get booked in.

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