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Cold Showers Are Good For You!!

cold showers plumbers ripley belper alfreton Did you know that a cold shower has hidden perks and health giving benefits? Well, they do. The thought of a cold shower may sound a little daunting and feel like more of a punishment, but even health clubs have now installed cold showers alongside steam rooms and saunas for their health benefits and sports clubs often use cold showers or baths as treatments after play. If you can handle a cold shower in the morning, then these perks might just be for you:

1. Increases Your Alertness

If you feel groggy in the morning then this benefit is definitely for you. A couple of minutes under cold water will wake you up more effectively than a coffee! Obviously, the cold itself with probably shock you into waking up, but the water also wakes up your body by triggering  a response that is designed to keep you warm. When you're cold your body will stimulate longer, deeper breaths and that makes you take in more oxygen, which, in turn, will increase your heart rate and increase blood flow. This should get you ready to spring into the day.

2. Helps Burn Fat

Obviously this isn't a replacement for a healthy diet or your trips to the gym, but when your body is working hard to keep warm it uses your fat as fuel to do this, so a cold shower will help you to burn off fat . So, next time you do a workout, you can extend the effects for a greater impact by having a cold shower afterwards.

3. Boosts Your Immune System

When your blood circulation is increased your white blood cells will be boosted through your body and this will improve your immune system. So, if you're feeling a little under the weather, try a cold shower to kick start your body's natural fighting mechanism, which should help to reduce symptoms faster. In addition to helping your immune system, a cold shower will also give your heart a safe mini exercise, clear out your arteries and lower your blood pressure.

4. Improves Your Hair & Skin

A cold shower tightens your pores, so can make your skin look more healthy and vibrant. It's particularly good for people who suffer with oily skin or those who have acne.

When it comes to your hair, a cold shower can increase follicle strength and the health of your scalp and flattens out strands of hair to make your hair appear more shiny.

5. Soothes Muscle Aches & Pains

Many sportspeople, from footballers to tennis players, use ice or cold baths and showers to ease muscle pain or soothe sore muscles after a game. The cold of the ice or shower will minimise the soreness of the muscles over the following days, meaning recovery should be quicker.

So, cold showers can indeed have a range of health benefits, which, if you can brave a cold shower, can have some real benefits.

However, if you don't fancy regular cold showers, but find yourself having one due to a plumbing problem, then call us and we'll be straight out to get you warmed up.

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