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Problems With Your Plumbing? The Cause May Be Human Error

plumbing problems plumber in ripley alfreton belperWe all hate something going wrong with our plumbing at home; a leak, a blockage, it's all annoying. But is it avoidable? Could some of the normal things you're doing every day be causing some of the problems in the long term?

Here's our list of things you can do (and not do) to keep your systems in good working order:

Watch What You Flush

We've seen all sorts of weird and wonderful things causing blockages in toilets; from dental floss to nappies! The main culprit for blockages is sanitary products, closely followed by cotton wool and baby wipes/make up wipes. If you flush objects that don't easily break down or can get caught on pipework, then the pipes and system can become clogged. Even small objects that you wouldn't think would cause a blockage can build up over time and cause a real problem. So, to keep your toilet in good working order, always be careful what you flush down it.

Use A Filter

And, no, we don't mean on your Instagram photos! The plug holes in your sinks and bath really should have filters on them in order to catch all the hair and soap that inevitably goes down them on a daily basis, which then builds up. If you don't have filters then this build up of hair and soap will eventually block your pipework.

Don't Ignore Drips

If something is dripping, be it a tap or a shower or anything else, please don't ignore it. There's obviously something wrong and it won't go away over time. In fact it will inevitably get worse. If you leave a constant drip then the seals and fixtures will begin to degrade and will eventually fail. This will be more difficult and costly to fix than addressing the issue when it first starts. And you'll also lose a lot of money on water bills if you're on a meter and have a constant drip.

Look After Your Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink gets a lot of use and so it needs looking after. Don't let food go down the plug hole as this can get stuck and build up to cause a blockage. If it backs up in the pipes it will also decompose in there and cause an awful smell, which will waft back up into your kitchen.

Another thing you should never do is put grease or oil down your sink. This is sure to solidify in your pipes and cause a blockage that then traps everything else coming down the pipe and which will need to be cleared and repaired. If you have oil or grease to dispose of, you should put it into a used tin can or something similar and dispose of it in the bin.

Don't Be Tempted To Hang Things Up

Many people leave things hanging on their taps or shower heads, such as dish cloths or shower gel or wash cloths. These things don't seem very heavy, and they're not, but over time exerting just a small constant weight on a fixture or fitting can cause it to become loose. Additionally, if whatever you hang on your tap or shower is wet, then it will drip onto the seals causing them to degrade and eventually leak.

Hopefully, the hints and tips above will help you prolong the life of your plumbing, but if you do experience problems, then we're always here to help.

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