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The Most Common Boiler Problems

boiler installer repair servicing alfreton belper ripleyAs a boiler installer in Ripley, Belper and Alfreton, we know our boilers inside and out.  We offer boiler installation and boiler servicing across Derbyshire, as well as boiler repairs, and we come across a host of common problems that people experience with their boilers. Here's just a few of them...

1. Drop in Pressure

Boilers can drop in pressure and, if they do, they might not work properly. You should check your pressure level by looking at the pressure gauge on your boiler.  You may have an issue if the pressure has dropped below one. You should call our a Gas Safe registered boiler engineer to check for leaks or other issues that might be causing the drop in pressure.

2. Pilot Light Going Out

Most people have experienced a pilot light going out on a boiler at some time or another. If you are going to try and relight it, make sure you follow the instructions in your boiler manual and always check that there isn't an issue with your gas supply before you try relighting.  There are various other reasons that a pilot light could be going out, other than an issue with your gas supply. You could have a build up of deposit in your pilot light or a broken thermocouple, or you could simply have a draught blowing out your pilot light.

3. Boiler Turning Off Intermittently

There are various reasons that your boiler may turn off and you should check your manual for possible causes for your particular boiler.  Your water pressure could be low or there could be a problem with the thermostat or the water may not be circulating properly due to an issue with your pump. If the problem isn't obvious (and easily fixed) then you should call out a Gas Safe registered engineer.

4. You Don't Have Any Hot Water

Again, there are lots of reasons that you aren't getting hot water and these will vary based on the type of boiler you have and whether or not you have a water tank.  It could be an airlock issue or a problem with your thermostat or you may even need a new part for your boiler or tank. Whatever the issue is with your hot water, call Leeva and we'll diagnose the issue.

5. Leaking Water

Boiler can, and do, leak water from time to time and this can be for a number of reasons.  The key is to check where it's leaking from in order to work out what's causing the issue.  You should never try to fix a leaking boiler yourself as this may cause further damage or problems with your boiler. You should call out a qualified Gas Safe engineer, like Leeva, to take a look and fix the problem.

6. Rumbling Noises

You may hear some strange rumbling noises coming from your boiler. This can happen when you live in a hard water area, but isn't unknown in soft water areas and is the result of various build ups in your system. You should call us if you hear this and we can flush your system out and stop the noises.

7. Banging Noises

There are various reasons that your boiler may be making banging noises, from a build up of air to low water pressure. You may even have an old boiler where the pump is ageing and likely to fail.

Whatever problems you have with your boiler, they can be significantly reduced by having your boiler serviced annually by a Gas safe registered boiler servicing expert, such as Leeva.  We can also offer powerflushing for your central heating system, which will not only extend the life of your system but also make your boiler and central heating work more efficiently.

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