Top Tips For Creating Your Perfect Bathroom

perfect bathroom Belper, Ripley, AlfretonAs bathroom designers and installers in Ripley, Belper and Alfreton, Derbyshire, our first piece of advice is to hire us to give you the bathroom of your dreams! We offer everything from initial planning right through to the final installation of lighting and mirrors and all our work is done by our in house team.

However, these top tips are still important, whether you do it yourself or call in the team at Leeva for your perfect bathroom.

1. Clearly Define Your Budget

Yes, it's not the fun bit about designing a new bathroom, but if you don't, temptation can make costs rise during the project. Better to know at the beginning what you want to spend so you can save where you need to and splash out where you really want.

2. What Do You Need & What Do You Want?

Both important questions. You've set your budget, so now you need to look at what you absolutely have to have, e.g. a toilet, sink, bath, shower, storage and cost those out.  Then look at what you really want. The needs should be your priority, but if you're longing after that fancy LED mirror then get it on your list from the start.

3. Delve Into The Home Magazines & Websites

You may want that LED mirror, but that doesn't really give you a full bathroom design. There are plenty of home magazines and websites that will give you inspiration for your perfect bathroom. Pinterest is also a good place to search for the latest bathroom design trends.  You may find a style that you didn't know about that you absolutely fall in love with, or you may find a range of ideas that you can put together to make your bathroom design really yours.

4. Spend Time On Your Bathroom Layout

Now you have a set budget and know what you need and want in your bathroom, spend a good amount of time planning the layout. This also means you should consider where existing features are and whether they need to be moved or not. For example, if you move the position of the shower, then all the associated water and drainage will also need to move. This isn't a problem, so long as you've covered it in your budget. If you haven't, then you may want to ask yourself if it's really worth moving around.

Measure your bathroom and all the items that are going to go in it and make sure there's enough space for you to use it comfortably. If you cram too much in you'll end up feeling cramped and not relaxed. And don't forget to take account of which way the bathroom door opens when you plan out your room!

5. Don't Forget To Ventilate

Your bathroom is the dampest place in your house so good ventilation is an absolute must. If you don't have the right ventilation you will end up with moisture gathering on and behind the walls, which will lead to mould.  You'll also have condensation on mirrors and windows, which, if you have wooden windows, can lead to damage.

6. Think About Your Lighting

It would be unpleasant if you'd spent all that time planning your dream bathroom only to find it too dark or too bright to use. Decide how dark or light you want your bathroom and base your lighting choices (type and quantity of lights) on this.

7. Consider Storage Options

If you're planning from scratch then now's your chance to get in some lovely bathroom storage and not just slap up an extra glass shelf to hold all the toothbrushes and toothpaste.  There are so many different types of bathroom storage, it's worth taking a good look at the options; from wooden racks to shelves to full cupboards, in all sorts of different styles and materials.

So there's our tips for creating the perfect bathroom. If you don't fancy doing all this, or you need a helping hand, then call Leeva Plumbing & Heating today and we'll help you get the bathroom of your dreams.

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