The Funniest Plumber Names

Now, obviously, we have a very serious name for our company. And rightly so. We're serious about plumbing and heating! But we thought we'd have a look at some of the more imaginative (if not a little cheeky) names that some plumbers have come up with for their business.

1. Dripping Wet Plumbing Services

Not sure this is the best name for a company that's supposed to stop drips!

2. YahPOO Plumbing

Well it's very imaginative. Maybe a little out of date nowadays. Perhaps "Poogle" would be better!

3. Flush Gordon

Flush Gordon Plumbing & Heating Installations. Can't really fault this one.

4. Stern Lecture Plumbing

We definitely told you not to flush that!

5. Union Jack Plumbing

The British are Plumbing!

6. A Team Drain Cleaning

Not necessarily a plumber, but a great tag line none the less!

7. Plumbing Decals

Don't know what the company name is, but the van livery is on point.

8. Jolly Plumbing

A flush beats a full house!

9. A Slogan's All It Takes

No name again here, but the slogan says it all.

10. Ben Dover Plumbing

Dealing with your **** 24-7!

So there you have it, our top 10 plumber names.  I think we're quite happy with the one we've got!

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