Avoiding a Boiler Break Down – The Signs To Look Out For

boiler installer Ripley avoid breakdownAs leading boiler installers and Gas Safe boiler servicers in the Ripley area, we can always service or repair your boiler, but we like to help avoid emergency repairs that leave you out in the cold.

As we make our way towards the cooler weather, we thought we'd give you a few tips on the signs to look out for BEFORE you have a boiler breakdown.  If you can recognise when your boiler might need attention, you can avoid a total breakdown and call us in to see to the problem before it becomes a major incident.

So, here's our 7 signs to look out for:

1. Are Your Radiators Working Properly?

Obviously, there's always the chance that there is a build up of air in your heating system, but if you've already tried bleeding your radiators and still have cold spots your boiler may need attention.

2. Is There Any Water Around Your Boiler?

Leaks around your boiler are definitely a sign that it may be about to break down.  Sometimes this is a really obvious leak, with water coming from the boiler itself, but often these leaks can be less noticeable. You should also check for leakage from the surrounding pipes, so run your hand along the pipes to see if there is any moisture (obviously, please wear gloves if the pipes are hot).

3. Is Your Pilot Light A Different Colour Than Usual?

Your pilot light should be burning blue and should be strong.  If the flame appears a different colour, like yellow or orange, or appears longer than usual, then you should contact us immediately.

4. Are There Strange Noises?

If your boiler or pipes are making any kind of strange noises, such as humming, banging or ticking there could be various problems, any of which should be addressed in order to avoid a boiler break down.  If you're experiencing things that go bump in the night, then it's worth getting us in to take a look.

5. Is Your Water Temperature Not Up To Par?

If your water is invariably cold then it could indicate a problem with your boiler.  There are other causes of cold water, but the boiler is your main source, so it's worth checking out first. If you're having problems with your water temperature then just give us a call and we'll come out and check.

6. Is Your Thermostat Doing What It's Told?

Your thermostat controls the temperature settings of the central heating for your home. If it isn't working properly there could be a number of reasons, such as old thermostats losing accuracy in their readings.  However, it may also indicate a problem with the boiler itself, which is worth getting checked before it gets too cold out.

7. Are There Black Marks On Your Boiler?

If you can see black, sooty marks on or around your boiler then you may have the beginning of a serious problem.  If this is left untreated this can be highly dangerous and, at the very least, is a telling sign that your boiler is headed for a break down.  If you do find any marks like these then call us straight away.

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