Should You Repair or Replace Your Old Boiler?

Leeva Should replace Boiler Old BoilerIf you own a home, chances are you have some type of boiler. Boilers are essential for heating during the cold winter months, so it’s important to make sure yours is in top working order. But what should you do if your boiler is old—like 10 years old or more? Is it worth repairing an old boiler, or is it time to replace it? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of repairing versus replacing.

Pros of Repairing a 10-year-old Boiler

Leeva Should replace Boiler Old Boiler

The main advantage of repairing your 10-year-old boiler instead of replacing it is the potential cost savings. Replacing an older model with a new one can cost thousands of pounds, while repairs will likely just be in the hundreds.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about installation costs or additional materials when making repairs. It’s also important to note that some repairs may even extend the life of your boiler by several years, giving you even more bang for your buck!



Cons of Repairing a 10-year-old Boiler

Leeva Should replace Boiler Old Boiler

While there are advantages to repairing your old boiler, there are also drawbacks to consider. First and foremost, no matter how many repairs you make on an older model, its efficiency will never match up with that of newer models. Older boilers simply can’t keep up with today’s energy efficiency standards, so whatever you may save in not installing a new boiler, is likely to be lost in inefficiency over the next few years.

Additionally, depending on the severity and number of needed repairs, you may find yourself making frequent trips to your local repair shop (or calling in a plumber) over the next few years as issues arise. If this happens often enough (or if parts become too hard to find), then overall repair costs could start to add up quickly and negate any savings from not purchasing a new unit outright. 

Repair or Replace Your Boiler?

Leeva Should replace Boiler Old Boiler

So should you repair or replace your 10-year-old boiler? Ultimately, it comes down to weighing the pros and cons carefully against your own budget and needs. If money is tight but performance isn’t an issue (or if performance can be improved with minor repairs), then repairing may be best for now until funds become available for replacement. However, if efficiency matters more than cost savings right now—or if constant repairs start adding up—then it might be time for an upgrade sooner rather than later!

No matter what decision you make, following these guidelines should help ensure that your home stays warm throughout the winter months!